1 way trips (Mon-Fri: 9AM – 6PM)

Up to 5km 5-10 km Above 10km
Each Wheel Chair Passenger 40 SGD 45 SGD 50 SGD
Each Care Giver 10 SGD 10 SGD 10 SGD

* Outside Operation Hours Surcharges: 10 SGD per passenger.
(Point to Point transfer only, subject to maximum seating capacity)

 Chartered Trips (Mon-Fri: 9AM – 6PM)

Weekdays Weekends and public holidays
Hourly Chartered (price per hour) 50 SGD 65 SGD
Group Transfer (price per trip) 100 SGD 120 SGD
Airport Transfer Arrival (price per trip) 80 SGD 100 SGD
Airport Transfer Departure (price per trip) 70 SGD 90 SGD

* Outside Operation Hours Surcharges: 20 SGD per trip. Waiting time charges: 15 SGD per 15 minutes.
For Hourly Chartered trips: Minimum booking of 4 hours, maximum 4 locations
All subject to maximum seating capacity